Michelle Gable, Writer

Michelle Gable, Writer

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michellegable

Agent: Barbara Poelle of Irene Goodman Literary Agency

In-House Publicist: Katie Bassel (katie dot bassel at stmartins dot com)


I’m Michelle.

Welcome to my site. I could put my official bio here, where I list all of my accomplishments, which equal zero so far when it comes to writing. Instead I’ll get a little long-winded and chatty and hopefully you’ll be too distracted to think does this person even know what she is doing? (I don’t).

I’ve created stories for as long as I can remember. My parents still maintain, in their home, several terrible novels penned in junior high in which people sport “white pumps” and turquoise earrings and the protagonist says things like “His name was Justin. He was tall, almost 5’2”.”

Upon entering high school I decided to hone my craft…of accounting. But wait, accounting is a beautiful thing! A debit here, a credit there, everything balances in the end. You know when you have the right answer. You always know when you get it right! Also I don’t know if you got the memo but writers don’t make a penny. They don’t make a gosh-darn cent.

At The College of William & Mary (Tribe Pride!) I majored in accounting and eventually went into finance. (Along the way: an amazing husband and two insanely adorable and talented daughters). I currently work for a publicly-traded software company heading up the FP&A department (don’t even worry about the acronym) while also dabbling in Investor Relations and Corporate Development.

All this time, though, I’ve written. Almost every day. And now I have my first novel coming out with Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press on April 22, 2014. I still don’t believe it. Make no mistake, though this is my “debut” it is not my “first” novel. Not even close.

There is a term writers use: “butt in chair.” My damned butt has been in a chair for well over a decade. I wake up early. I go to bed late. I sneak five hundred words in while the girls are doing their homework or fighting about who got the bigger slice of apple.

I once read a stat that 80 percent of people want to write a book. The question is, how many will actually do it? That’s the thing about a dream: you have to chase it. Usually you also have to run faster and longer and harder than you ever anticipated. I don’t know much about this business yet, I’m only at the start, but I know it requires stamina. Thank goodness for all the wall sits and wind sprints my dad made me do as a child (I kid, I kid…sort of).


In conclusion, the obligatory photo of my two daughters. The older one wants to be a writer too (“but a famous one”). The younger one wants to be a unicorn. The famous probably goes without saying.

Thank you for reading this… and A Paris Apartment when it comes out in April 2014. If you like it I promise to write more.


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I like this scroll-to-the-right layout a lot and as an aspiring author I’d like to use something similar on a blog I have in mind where I would post some texts. I also like your writing and would like to read more of it but how does one browse older posts? Can’t figure it out.


July 16, 2013

Thanks so much! I actually just used a WordPress template and modified it slightly. I’m so not a tech expert so I’m not sure how to make it scroll from scratch. I don’t have that many posts so I think if you go to the home page you can scroll to the right to see them all? I only stared my blog a month or so ago.

Michelle Gable

July 17, 2013

The Paris Apartment sounds like a book I am going to love reading.
Your web site is interesting also. I found your book listed on Book Browse and wanted to find out more about the Apartment and here was a whole article.
I loved San Diego (lived in Coronado a couple of times. I remember when the Chargers first charged and before the bridge was built.
Ended up in Virginia Beach with my five children and could not entice one of them to go to College of William and Mary.
Guess it was too close to home. VCU, Tech and Marymount got them including two grandchildren. Well I have 11 more to work on.
All the Best,

Sally Gawne

January 8, 2014

Coronado is such a beautiful place! My husband actually grew up in Virginia Beach and my in-laws still live there. He went to Norfolk Catholic growing up, though I think it’s called Bishop Sullivan now. Such a great area. I love Virginia (it’s my daughter’s middle name) and I miss the state a great deal. I hope my daughters go to school there (if not W&M one of the other great schools there!) Thanks for the note and I hope you enjoy the book!

Michelle Gable

January 9, 2014

So excited to read your novel. I just read the article about Madam De Florin and her abandoned apartment and was compelled to write a story based on it that I stumbled upon you and my heart sank that someone had beaten me to it. However, I am thrilled and will sit and wait patiently for your book, not only did the article inspire me but after reading your “Bio” I am inspired even more because like you I have written all of my life and yet so far have done nothing concrete about it. I believe all things happen for a reason and perhaps this article, finding you and the synchronicity of it all will be just the catalyst.

Wishing you every success and so looking forward to reading your story.

Warm Regards;
Jo Kemp

Jo Kemp

January 9, 2014

Thank you for your kind note! I would be beyond thrilled if this all served as a catalyst for you. Hoping that 2014 is the year you take it to the next level! 🙂

Michelle Gable

January 9, 2014

Well you got me hooked. I’m excited about the book coming out and can’t wait to read it. Not only is it a time period that I love, but the whole apartment being locked up for 70 years is so exciting on so many levels. The only thing better than a fictional book about this would be a book about all the parties that actually lived it.

I love history. Can’t get enough of it. Like you I have always wanted to write and I am jealous that you actually have succeeded in it. Any pointers? I have done genealogy for the past 20 years (I’m 51, not young like you!) and come from a very interesting family…from revolutionary war soldiers who fought with George Washington to senators to female spy’s during the civil war to family members who “relocated” the choctaw & cherokee indians to Indian Territory (my other side of the family)… and would love to write about them but I just don’t know where to start or where to get advice from.

So I’m now rambling!! I’m really looking forward to your book and hope it’s a great success for you. Nothing like a new resurgence of media in the apartment recently to get some interest in your book!!

Good luck!

Wendy Akeman

January 10, 2014

Hi Wendy! I so appreciate the note! You should absolutely try and write the story that has captured your attention-sounds fascinating. Fiction or non-fiction, I guess you need to decide which voice or approach works best for you! I would read all the usual books (On Writing by Stephen King, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott) and go from there. First step is figuring out your “genre” and then seeing how others were able to get out into the world by reading blogs, articles, etc. I also find magazines like Writer’s Digest invaluable. Like anything else, it’s a business and you need to study the trade. Much luck to you!!

Michelle Gable

January 10, 2014

Hi Michelle,
When I first found the story about the Paris apartment, I immediately emailed my sister-in-law Linda, because I knew she would be as intrigued as I. We discussed the articles we were reading for several hours and started a list of questions that we hoped to find the answers to, but it appears now that may not happen. When Linda told me about your book we were both ecstatic! Honestly, we were hoping the book would be a biography of sorts, but realize now that your book is fiction. Trust me, I am still going to buy it and read it! I can hardly wait for April to come, which happens to be my birth month so I have decided to give myself the gift of your book. SMILE! Thank you Michelle for being as intrigued as Linda and I are, and going the much extra mile by writing a book based on the storyline. I have a feeling it will be a best seller!
Robyn Hansen

Robyn Stewart Hansen

January 13, 2014

Hi Robyn! Thanks for your sweet note. And believe me, I wish there was a biography out there too! I’m hoping some family member eventually comes out of the woodwork with all sorts of diaries, letters, papers. etc. Until then, fiction it is! It sounds like you and your sister-in-law have a great relationship. How fun to share these kinds of things. 🙂

Michelle Gable

January 13, 2014

Great site, and a nice introduction to you and The Apartment. I look forward to reading it.

Dexter Augier

January 16, 2014

Hi Michelle,
Yesterday (2/4), as I sat in my dentist’s chair having pre-crown prep chatter with my dentist of nearly 40 years, I said, “Guess what I’ve been up to,” and to my absolute and complete astonishment, he said, “You wrote a book.” As we have never had a conversation about writing, it was a surreal, psychic-like experience!
We had a long conversation about my book (a memoir that includes an astonishing experience with two doctors) and he told me about your book, “A Paris Apartment,” and I came home and immediately googled you.
Of course, my dentist is Dr. Bill Gable (Dr. Mike now, too – is that him in the pool picture?). When I found your website and read all of your blogs, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wish you well, given the amazing number of people and experiences we have in common.
I’ve lived in SD all my life. I graduated with a degree in journalism from SDSU a couple of years after Tom Gable (your Dad or father-in-law?). I am a rabid Chargers fan as well and worked in their Marketing Department for a couple of years in the early 1990s. I worked longer for the Padres and did a stint writing for the Hall of Champions.
I read every one of your blogs. Imagine my surprise to find that you mentioned the name of the editor I’ve been working with for months twice! T. Greenwood (Tammy) is on her fourth (hopefully close to last) revision of my memoir that has the working title “Doctor, Doctor.” Tammy is my mentor and content editor and has offered to help me navigate the process of finding an agent for my book which she describes as a “a fascinating story of obsession, addiction, and psychological manipulation.”
This is my first book and it was interesting to identify with so many comments in your blogs about the life of a writer.
Anyhoo, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to say “hey” and best wishes on your book tour. I hope I am as fortunate as you have been to get hooked up with the right agents and publishers. I can’t wait to read “A Paris Apartment”!
Merry Freer

Merry Freer

February 5, 2014

Oh my goodness! So many connections! Yes, Bill is my uncle and Mike is my cousin. Tom is my dad! That is so funny. And I adore Tammy Greenwood – as an author and a person. She helped me with my very first manuscript. You could not be in better hands. Thank you so much for your note and I am off to check out your website. The book sounds fascinating. I wish you the best of luck in finding an agent – and beyond!

Michelle Gable

February 5, 2014

Hi Michelle,
Thank you for your kind words. It has been said that San Diego is a town of 10,000 people and the rest is done with mirrors! I believe it!
No website yet – hopefully that adventure is in my future. I will keep you posted.
Best wishes (and lots of fun) on your book tour.

Merry Freer

February 5, 2014

Thanks so much. By the way, my launch will be at Warwick’s in La Jolla on the evening 4/22 if you want to stop in! 🙂

Michelle Gable

February 5, 2014

I would absolutely love that! I’ll put it on my calendar. I’ll get a copy of your book and hopefully I will have progressed with mine. Also, I meant to mention before…as odd as all of the coincidences were that we discussed, I forgot to mention that I know your mother as well, at least I know who she is. Laura, right? For privacy, I won’t use her last name, but it started with R. I went to school with her from fifth grade through college. I think she went to SDSU too and was a Kappa Alpha Theta. I was always in the class behind hers so we never really met, but I remember that she was really beautiful, even as a young girl and very sweet.
An interesting story about the last time I saw her … my son, Brian, had his tonsils out at Scripp’s Hospital when he was four. He left his little pillow there and we had to come back a few days later to get it.from the laundry in the basement. As we were getting on the elevator to get his pillow, a couple got off, the woman in a wheelchair holding a baby. It was your mom and dad. We had never met – just knew them by reputation and proximity, but your mom smiled at me. It would have been March/April 1978. Was that little baby you? If so, that’s really crazy!

Merry Freer

February 5, 2014

Now that is just crazy! That is indeed my mother and the baby was my brother… also named Brian. Wow! So crazy! Look forward to meeting you.

Michelle Gable

February 5, 2014

Hi Michelle – Having read about the fantastic “found” Parisian apartment, my friends and I are anxiously awaiting your novel. Did you research Marthe de Florian life to write the book? If so, we are wondering why she never came back. We wish you luck with your “debut” novel.

Rosemary Arellano

February 6, 2014

Thanks for your note! I researched as much of her as I could, there isn’t a whole lot out there! So mostly the answers about why she left are from my own mind. 🙂 I do wonder if some descendant will eventually write about it from a non-fictional viewpoint. It would be fascinating to know the “real” story but of course having such a lack of specifics made it riper for fiction.

Michelle Gable

February 6, 2014

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