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Advanced Copies, Signatures, & Other Fun Things to Worry About

February 9, 2014 , , , ,

Advance Copies of A Paris Apartment!

Advance Copies of A Paris Apartment!

I received a fun surprise Friday. A box of advance reader copies for A Paris Apartment landed on my doorstep! I’m sure the UPS guy was like, “what is she ordering now?!?!”

Advance copies (aka ARCs) are printed by the publisher in advance of the actual release date. These still have a few errors in them and, in the case of A Paris Apartment, are in paperback versus hardcover. It’s meant for reviewers and the like. Sometimes the author is lucky and snags a few. 😉

In my last post I said that when I tell someone I have a book coming out, they immediately assume it’s finance-related and think I must’ve written “the most boring book of all time.” So my husband, who also works in finance, walked in the house Friday evening, picked up a copy, turned to a random page, and promptly found the ONE sentence in the entire book that contains a finance term.

“EBITDA?!?! Why is there ‘EBITDA’ in this book?”

I was crying with laughter. Of course that’s the page he’d turn to! (he’s never read the book – ever, not one page). The answer to his question is the protagonist’s husband works in finance. He does not understand art as it produces no EBITDA.

Anyway, it was very exciting to touch (and smell!) the book for the first time. In an odd and trippy way, this process has not only taken forever (prior to the sale) but also flown (sale to pub date) so it’s never really seemed “real.” All the while I’ve been so busy with my day job, kids, husband, edits to A Paris Apartment, writing my new book, that I’ve just powered through, done what I had to, and not thought too long about the book itself. But, wow. Now it feels real!

Also after signing one copy (for my Mom!) I’m thinking I’ll need to change my signature. Prior to my current gig, I was the CFO for a software company. As such, I had to sign approximately one gazillion checks per week (give or take). I’m all for efficiency and Michelle is a long name. So I went from a full name signature to first initial last name to what basically amounts to a squiggle.  I had crap to do! I wasn’t going to tussle with pretty handwriting.

The kids ceaselessly mock my signature. (“I have better handwriting than you and I’m only 7!”) It could perhaps resemble the letter “M” but only if you have a vague notion about what an “M” is supposed to look like.

Is this acceptable for signing a book? It seems silly to ponder. Who the heck would want my signature unless they were trying to procure copier paper or get sign-off on a job requisition? But my publicist has already scheduled two signings (April 22 at Warwick’s in La Jolla; April 24 at Book Passage in Corte Madera) so at least one person will want a copy signed. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to write my name again? Admittedly, it’s a nice problem to have.

Have a fantastic week everyone!

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I hate my signature too – but I only sign stage crew payroll, contracts, and things like that! But a squiggle could work for this too! You’ll be signing and signing and signing….

🙂 So exciting! And I can’t believe Dennis hasn’t read it?! That’s crazy self control on his part! Wonder if there is a character based on him? 😉


February 19, 2014

Ha! Well there is a finance-type husband but he’s a bit less nice than DB! I think he’s afraid to read it. There is a character based on my brother… same name even!

Michelle Gable

February 19, 2014

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