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Michelle Gable, Writer

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2013 Highlights (kids, books, SaaS revenue, and more)

December 30, 2013 , , , , , , , , , ,

Tonight at dinner Paige (my 10 year old) made a comment that 2013 felt so much faster than 2012. We collectively decided that’s because we did so much more. So, let me offer the highlights, as enumerated by Paige (10) and Georgia (7):

  • Visit to Six Flags for Paige’s birthdayWEWIN
  • Grandma Camp (which was basically the best vacation ever for mom and dad)
  • Maui (distant second to grandma camp for the girls)
  • Playing softball all year round (Spring, Fall, All Stars)
  • Trip to Big Bear for All Stars tournament
  • Padres game (and getting to walk on the field)
  • Dad turned 40 (and, I would like to add, Mom continued to remain in her 30s)
  • Paige learned the saxophone
  • CHARGERS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! (one of my personal favorites and don’t even talk to me about illegal formation – DON’T CARE)
  • Many work trips for Mom (Europe, Canada, Pacific Northwest, several to NY, Vegas…), including trip to ring bell on NYSE (Dad got to go, too!)
  • Lots of conference calls for Mom, where she “talked about Sassy Revenue all the time.” (aka SaaS revenue) “Proably about 2,000 hours of calls” Paige estimates. Yup-sounds about right
  • Countless hours spent at the pool
  • Multiple golf trips for Dad
  • “Mom bored us with endless Chargers factoids” Hey! (everyone, please stop nodding vigorously)
  • Paige discovered the magical world of MineCraft; obsession ensued
  • Book sold to St. Martin’s Press (also audio and Italian rights!)
  • Something about Michele Tafoya I didn’t completely follow (why is the first google suggestion for her ‘Michele Tafoya feet’? Was she involved with Rex Ryan or something?)
  • Paige “graduates” from the lower school (e.g. moved up from the K-3 school to the 4-6; no actual graduation “requirements”)
  • And, finally, “Paige gets to do everything.” According to Georgia.

The best part of 2013? Everyone is leaving it healthy and happy: my children, my parents, my nieces and nephews and siblings. That’s really the best result you can wish for. I hope that everyone had a wonderful 2013 and if not, you’ve paid those dues and are on to 2014!

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