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Covers and Pages and High Points and Low

November 29, 2013 , , , , , , , ,

Oh my gosh, it’s been so long. But, really, it’s been so long since I’ve done much of anything other than keeping my nose to the grindstone.

It hasn’t been all work, though! In the last month or so I’ve had some exciting book developments. Really, they’re all part of publishing logistics thus not “special” per se, but exciting for this newbie all the same.

First off, I finally got to see the cover art! I so wish I could show it…soon though! I loved (almost) everything about it except one small aspect- which they are tweaking. Otherwise, though, it has the atmospheric vibe I was hoping for and didn’t even realize. And the title font is pretty much the best in the history of books. Who knew I’d be so into fonts?

Also, I got to see the interior design of the book! Hopefully I am allowed to show it here. No one said I couldn’t so… 😉


Excuse the poor quality – it’s a screen shot of a PDF. I love what they did with the font and the entire interior in genreal. The book takes place both in the current day and in 1900s(ish) Paris, and I feel the design really captures both periods. So thrilled.

It’s also been fun getting various updates from my editor… they’re starting to sell The Paris Apartment into Barnes & Noble, which still seems completely impossible. Strangers are reading this thing?!? Really?!?!

I’ve had some very rough work days  (weeks, months) lately and getting these tidbits has really been a pick-up, even though it is so, so, so weird to have people dealing with your “work” without out. Hearing about “big meetings” regarding your book is very strange for someone who is used to participating IN the big meetings herself! It’s definitely taken an adjustment of thoughts/expectations.

So, some really fun “high points” over the last month or so. Now, onto the low, fully recognizing my “low” could be viewed by some as a pretty decent day. Sadly, even remembering this doesn’t always lessen the stress level.

I’ve always had intense, time-consuming, thought-consuming jobs and wrote as a hobby-nights, weekends, 5 o’clock in the morning, plane rides, basically whenever I could get a single second in. Unfortunately, for the last six months or so, my “day job” has taken up every night, weekend, early morning…every second of “free time.” I pulled all manner of “all nighters” back in my investment banking days and often I feel like I’m back in banking now, but minus a 20-something year old’s verve and pluck.

Between getting ready for publication day (e.g. regular edits, copy edits, etc.) and this all-engulfing job, I haven’t had time for hobbies. I haven’t had time to write. On top of that I had a “procedure” to remove some pre-cancerous things from my face (pre-cancerous, I think, a catch-all phrase for anything slightly unappealing and also the dermatologist has Christmas shopping coming up).

So when you’re already feeling stressed and low and then you ALSO look like a snake-faced monster for two weeks, well, you just might find yourself crying in a hotel room at 2 a.m., with copy edits due in like three hours, and knowing you have to speak in front of a group of 100 people in 6 hours, all with painful, scary, peeling snake skin. I mean, what presentation shouldn’t start with “please excuse my face”?

That was about two weeks ago, and much like my face, it’s all looking a little better. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I can truly, honestly say, I am thankful for it all. Even the crying. Even the fact both my daughters came down with a gnarly flu late last night. My seven year old, forever looking at things from a unique perspective, said, having gotten sick after a delicious Thanksgiving meal, “Finally my barf tastes good.” Disgusting, to be sure, but you can’t fault the girl for her positive attitude.

Finally, for all you writers out there, I have been watching my friend (and one of my writing idols) Allison Winn Scotch and the release of her latest book, which she decided to self-publish after having tremendous success in the traditional realm, if one can define success by being a NYT bestselling author, which OF COURSE YOU CAN. At this point, self-publishing isn’t for me. I think to do it right you really need to take a start-up, entrepreneurial view, which Allison certainly did. There is an investment there – of time, of money. It’s not just about typing up a book and hitting “upload.” I, for one, am not interested in entrepreneurial endeavors. Having watched my father run his own “start up”for the last 30+ years (and counting) I prefer to let someone else worry about my paycheck and sales growth. Give me a good salary and equity and that’s enough for me.

In any case, if you’re interested in writing or the publishing process in general, I highly recommend checking out her blog (and googling for the many recent articles she’s been featured in). Bonus: her latest is $2.99 on Kindle for Black Friday!

Have a great weekend everyone! Go Chargers!

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