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Michelle Gable, Writer

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Labor Day Weekend by the Numbers

September 3, 2013 , , , ,

Hi all!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. Why are holiday weekends always so busy when they’re supposed to be a “break”? It was hot here in San Diego, hot by our definition which means it exceeded the window of acceptability, which is a generous 72-78 degrees. It was super humid, though, I swear!

Here’s a little breakdown of my weekend, by the numbers. Because numbers are my thing.

Football games watched: 2

Chargers jerseys ordered: 1 (#5 – our punter Mike Scifres!)

Books read: 3 (favorite was On the Come Up by Hannah Weyer

Pages edited: I dunno, like 1,000? (okay, 73)

BBQs attended: 1

Hours of tennis played: 2

Hours spent at the pool: 10


Napping in a bathing suit

Sick children: 1

Maximum temperature achieved by children: 103.1 F

Old school arcade games discovered by 9 year old: 1 (Ms. Pac-Man; in a local restaurant)

Anniversaries celebrated: 1

Years married: 13

Have a great week – whether it’s back to school or just plain back to life.

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