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Highlighting Books: Flat Water Tuesday by Ron Irwin

June 9, 2013 , ,

Finished this one last night. Lovely prose – right up my alley.

Description (from Good Reads-they have the name of one of the characters wrong- it’s Carolyn):

When documentary filmmaker Rob Carrey flies back to New York from a shoot in South Africa to salvage his relationship with his lover Caroline Smythe, he unexpectedly finds himself called back to his former boarding school following a heartbreaking tragedy. Despite having long ago buried the memories of the brutal year he spent at the elite Fenton School in Connecticut as a postgraduate rower, Carrey finds that those days now return to haunt him.The Fenton School Boat Club’s top rowing team, called the God Four, is legendary. But the price that they pay for a shot at glory will scar each member of Carrey’s team far into adulthood.

Colin Payne, the Massachusetts blue-blood; Jumbo, the good natured giant; John Wadsworth the preppy lawyer-to-be; Ruth Anderson, the Yale-bound coxswain; and Rob Carrey, the scholarship athlete from Niccalsetti, New York — all of them are forever bound to one another by the terrible cost of victory. Over one tumultuous week, Rob Carrey will learn that he cannot leave the past in his wake.

Partial review:

Beautiful, lyrical novel about young rower Rob Carrey alternating time periods between when he rowed at an elite prep school and some fifteen years later when Rob is a documentary filmmaker with a relationship on the brink. The blurb on the cover refers to “two memorably realized women” and that is certainly apt. The scenes with Carolyn are heartbreaking and the scenes with Ruth so vivid I felt like I was in prep school or college too.

Full review here.

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